Western Sydney artist JMAP runs us through each of his three singles

If you haven’t already wrapped your ears around JMAP’s new single P.S, stop what you’re doing and go listen to it now. The track is an irresitibly sultry slice of R&B-infused hip-hop, and we’ve been spinning it relentlessly since we first heard it.

With the track’s release, JMAP quickly put himself on our radar as an emerging artist to watch, so we caught up with the man himself for a run-down of every track he’s released so far.

Fresh off the release of his new single P.S, we caught up with Western Sydney-based artist JMAP for a run-down of his discogrpahy.

Diamonds In The Rough

Diamonds In The Rough was my first release as a solo artist. It’s one of those songs that you end up growing an attachment to because it means something so special to you. In my home studio, I remember sitting near my computer with notes opened up on my phone just pouring out the lyrics as I kept hearing the beat in a loop. It all just came to me and the flow felt so natural. I definitely feel people can get on a real level with this vibe.


With this one I went full hip-hop and showed a lot of my dark themes that I love messing around with in my projects. The instrumental itself basically lays a platform for the artist to lose control and deliver some hard hitting lyrics, which is how the name of the song really came about. That feeling I was getting when writing the lyrics was somewhat ‘Reckless’, cause I wanted to keep going and make each line more intense then the last. Then as I was moving through the sections, I decided to shape the song like I was making a statement that was directed to a particular person or group of people.


This is the very controversial song that was always going to be hard to get by with some people, but a song that definitely showed how whimsical I can get with my lyrics. Deep and intimate were the first two ideas that were in my head when putting this song together, and the guitar just really made me want to do something different and new. I was so in love with the chorus when I created the melody. I was tossing up whether I should change it up, but I just kept repeating it and it just worked. I noticed as well the vibe of the song is something completely different to what I have released so far, but in saying that, I have a lot of ideas that I want to explore and share with everyone. This is only the start, and there’s a long way ahead.