David Hasselhoff shares cover of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Head On

Ah, David Hasselhoff. What a bloke. So much muscle.

Actor, producer, businessman, and musician. Is there anything The Hoff can’t do? Apart from arguably all of those things? 


If you didn’t already think you’ve heard (and seen) enough of Hasselhoff, he recently announced his upcoming covers record, Open Your Eyes.

While Hasselhoff has already shared his rendition of the title track aided by Stooges guitarist James Williamson, the star has just revealed his take on The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Head On.

With the help of The Cars guitarist Elliot Easton, The Hoff brings about a great sense of ’80s rock nostalgia with the 1989 Reid brothers’ hit. There’s no doubt that he has had a lot of time recording covers of his favourite songs. 

Hasselhoff’s Open Your Eyes comes out September 27th, equipped with his version of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline with Ministry. The album also promises covers of The Modern Lovers, Echo and the Bunnymen, and more. 

Not only this, but the former Baywatch star will be taking his new record on the road throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as part of a 30th-anniversary celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Listen to David Hasselhoff’s cover of Head On below: