David Hasselhoff is releasing his 14th studio album, and it’s metal!

From the shores of Baywatch, the legendary David Hasselhoff will be diving into the murky waters of metal for his next album. The Hoff explains why:

“I do everything. Because I like it. Because I want it.”

Mr. David Hasselhoff it taking on a brand new genre in his next album… metal. Germans love it and apparently so does the Hoff.

After Baywatch the Hoff achieved huge success in both Germany and Austria with the unintentionally hilarious Hooked On A Feeling. He then went on to garner success in Sweden with the huge 2015 hit True Survivor, which involves an equally as hilarious ’80s inspired video.

So why not continue to experiment? People obviously still love the Hoff.

When released, his next album will be his 14th studio release! Yep he has dropped 14 albums. That’s pretty impressive. So why not delve into another genre beloved in Germany? He likes “Iron Maiden and Metallica”,  so it seems like a sure thing.

“I’m doing some heavy metal songs on my new album” he said. “Why not?”

Despite his Kung Fury success, the Hoff hasn’t released a new album since 2012’s This Time Around. His previous record, A Real Good Feeling, peaked at #3 in Austria.