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Walrus Audio R1 brings studio-quality reverb to your pedalboard

Walrus Audio has launched the R1 stereo reverb pedal. It covers all the classic shapes of ambience and offers many ways to radically reinterpret the effect.

Reverb is an effect as simple as it is complex. Sure, the spring tank in a vintage amp might be all the ambience you need, but the R1 — the new premium reverb pedal from Walrus Audio — delivers the classics, while reimagining the effect.

Cramming a studio’s worth for reverberant colours into a single stompbox, the R1 dishes up six types of ‘verb, plus a host of intuitive ways to sculpt ambience to your taste.

Walrus Audio R1

The six modes are roughly divided into three classics and three experimental reverbs. The more familiar ones include a Spring, a Hall for longer decays, a Plate for smooth, metallic spaces.

On a more unconventional tip, there is the Refract program, which can be used to dial in more glitchy textures, Air, which has a diffuse and shimmery character and BFR – which stands for Big F*cking Reverb – if you really want to go over the top.

Beyond the programs, there are myriad avenues for further tweaking of your chosen reverb, which you can then save on up to nine onboard preset slots. Decay and Mix set the reverb time and dry/wet mix respectively, while Tune allows users to EQ the reverb signal, while Swell enables players to conjure up cinematic blooms of lush ambience.

To read up on all the details, head over to Walrus Audio.