Walt blur the boundaries of dream-pop on their debut album ‘i love you on the internet’

Soaring in from heights unknown, Melbourne’s Walt are armed to the teeth with hooks, choruses, and chord progressions that will melt your heart.

In their music, the four-piece unveil a dark swirling current of electro-pop that teeters between the hypnotisingly dreamy and the enchantingly rich. In fact, their entire debut album, i love you on the internet, flutters with bedroom-pop sensibilities and a sparkling, lo-fi essence.

Combining celestial synth with a knack for progression, Walt are ready to take on any stage or audience.


Developed from the band’s home studio, the record unleashes timeless landscapes of sonic that bury themselves into hidden truths and buried memories. It’s what the band does best, finding a way to connect with their audience through liminal space.

“i love you on the internet was written quite quickly,” Walt explain. “We sort set up a playground consisting of only a 1980s Casio synth and a drum machine, and the songs grew from there. I think the limitations really helped us focus on the songwriting and lyrical approach as the genesis of each song, and once we had those ideas it was a very quick and intuitive process.”


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Wielding an impeccable skill for songwriting and melodies that hold up like steel, everything about i love you on the internet is jaw-dropping. While tracks like lightfoot scratch the surface of psychedelia, others marry the lush duality between pop and post-punk.

What emerges is a deeply compelling, polished release that punches well beyond its years. Dive in below: