Bridget Allan will have you drowning in the dark deliciousness of her single ‘Treading Water’

Achingly dark and rich in its minimalism, Treading Water is Bridget Allan’s haunting ode to the mental health crisis.

Mornington Peninsula based singer-songwriter Bridget Allan is a student of music. And in more ways than one. She is currently studying her Bachelor of Music at the University of Melbourne, and her latest single is a testament to her specialising in interactive composition. From her wealth of inspired Youtube cover videos, to her plethora of original releases, Allan is a living out her music degree in a very modern and tangible way.

Mixed and mastered at the hands of Calvin Lauber, who is the producer and bass player for American indie-rock icon Julien Baker, Treading Water is no struggle. Similarly to Baker’s style, the striped back aesthetic allows for Allan’s impactful vocals to reign supreme. Sans drums and sans fuss, Bridget Allan commands an unbridled and deeply emotional response on Treading Water. 

Bridget Allan

Allan’s vocal gymnastics are like bringing cannons to a knife party. Throughout the tracks four minute run she unpacks her ability in a wild way, un-arming the listener. She bleeds vulnerability as her boisterous tones curl around the intimate sonics of the track. Her strong lower register could be likened to that of London Grammar’s captivating Hannah Reid, whipping up daring battle cries.

A jazz inspired singer, you’ll recognise more playful moments as Allan seemingly improvises on the spot with vocals licks. Yet her control is too impressive and self-aware to be completely spontaneous. Steeped in ominous metaphors, there’s never a lack of connotative imagery in her lyrics:

“Constant dreams of catastrophe, you know better than me /The world’s gonna end/ And the gas from the skies stains the citizens eyes.”


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At each turn, watery guitar picking and lush waves of melody flow without hesitation. Treading Water is a considered look at all that it is to feel – feel the realness of striving for something and honouring the pain of trying to get there. An ancient soul at the crux of youthfulness, Bridget Allan draws parallels with her biggest inspiration, Jeff Buckley. Pulling seraphic sensibilities down to earth, Treading Water is Allan’s Grace. 

Treading Water was recorded by Bridget Allan on the stolen lands of the Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation. Mixed and mastered by Calvin Lauber, it’s not surprise she’s garnered plays across both commercial and indie radio already.

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And then dive into the full song on Spotify below: