‘Wanda Beach’ from Syfah is your new holiday house soundtrack

Wanda Beach is the gentle and deeply evocative debut single from 25-year-old singer-songwriter and indie-sweetheart Syfah.

Sydney native Syfah has dropped her first of four upcoming singles, Wanda Beach. Having experienced heartbreak and magical moments across various Sydney coastlines, Syfah will dedicate each track to a coastline, such as Bronte and Vaucluse.

The remarkably creative and visual approach to songwriting has come naturally for Syfah: “everything I was experiencing happened with Sydney’s cinematic coastline as a backdrop,” she comments. Let’s take a closer look at her gorgeous-sounding debut single.

“Narcissist, he could spend his whole day without thinking of another,” Syfah’s assured-honey vocals begin. Soft, reverbed electric picks away in the backdrop nicely, but it’s obvious that the storytelling is the crux of Wanda Beach. Flick the kettle on and head to your balcony for the ultimate listening experience. If you’re a fan of indie-bedroom pop acts like Clairo or indulge in the emotional weight of Missy Higgins, Syfah will fit right into your playlists.

Though Wanda Beach is the artists’ debut, you wouldn’t pick it. Syfah’s vocal flexibility from chest voice to falsetto is a trick that takes most singers years to master. Gentle backing vocals float around in the ethereal chorus as Syfah analyses her feelings and position in life.


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The standout lyric, “it’s so strange to be caught between the end and a start,” encompasses the track’s themes perfectly. Needing to relish the memories of a past lover but also move on. “It’s that weird place where you simultaneously feel sad about what’s happened before, but you also see hope and joy as you look to the future,” the 25-year-old explained.

At the bridge, listeners get some ASMR whispers, increasing the track’s intimacy and emotional impact. The tender overdubs are used sparingly but to great effect – less is more. We’re very excited to hear more of Syfah’s contemplations in the next three coastline-centred singles.

Listen to Wanda Beach below: