Wanna party hearty with The Jungle Giants? Follow these 6 rules and you’ll be fine

After you’ve toured as much as The Jungle Giants have, there tend be a few rituals that eventually become a part of the whole routine.

These rituals usually turn into golden rules, and if these rules aren’t adhered to strictly, then the whole think just ain’t gonna work.

Jungle Giants

The Jungle Giants have got the whole touring thing pretty down pat. If you want to hang backstage with these legends, follow these rules.

The Jungle Giants are about to embark on yet another massive national tour – their upteenth since releasing their brilliant second record Speakerzoid last year – following the release of what is the to be the final single from the record, Together We Can Work Together.

Frontman Sam Hales revealed a little to us about the genesis of the tour and song name: “It’s a title that started as a misheard phrase during a board game in the early days of recording Speakerzoid,” he says. “We all loved it so much we considered making it the album title. As a song lyric it’s like an infinite loop; once you’ve finished saying it you have already started saying it again. It’s also a good party mantra,” he adds.

As usual the band have mustered a sterling supporting lineup for the tour, including Gideon Bensen, The Lulu Raes and Machine Age. Before they hit the road, we asked Cesira from the band about those magical golden rules for hanging backstage with The Jungle Giants. You’ve been warned:

1. You must always be prepared to play some cards. Poker, 500, eucha, sluts and masters, black bitch. We will teach you.

2. Best to always a) have a dope jacket to wear or b) be prepared to wear one of Sam’s ridiculous jackets that he definitely has for back up fashion. We have a very real addiction to ridiculous jackets.

3. Greenroom DJ sets. We have this DJ app on my iPad that we go pretty nuts on in the green room, we will absolutely throw down some impromptu DJ sets. Sam has actually gotten really good.

4. A portable speaker is a tour essential, to compliment the hot fire DJ sets. Bring one and please make sure it is fully charged, please.

5. Be prepared to drink some gin. We like gin so you haven’t a choice.

6. Rider stealth is a must. Always be prepared to hide your stage beers before Lowis does or you probably won’t have any. This is handier information for the band members so if you’re reading this boys, remember, Lowis always has the remaining beers. Always.

Catch TJG at the following dates; and all the best sneaking backstage. Get ya tickets here.

Fri June 17 – The Triffid, Brisbane (Licensed/All-Ages) w/ Gideon Bensen (The Preatures), Lulu Raes and Machine Age

Sat June 18 – The Gov, Adelaide (Licensed/All-Ages) w/ Gideon Bensen (The Preatures), Lulu Raes and Machine Age

Fri June 24 – 170 Russell, Melbourne (18+) w/ Gideon Bensen (The Preatures), Lulu Raes and Machine Age

Sat June 25 – The Metro, Sydney (Licensed/All-Ages) w/ Gideon Bensen (The Preatures), Lulu Raes and Machine Age

Fri July 8 – Players Bar, Mandurah (18+) w/ Special Guests TBA

Sat July 9 – Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Perth (18+) w/ Special Guests TBA