Want to go walkies? Germans must walk dogs twice a day under new law

A new German law contains guidelines for dog owners in the hope of ensuring the nation’s 9.4 million dogs get enough exercise.

A new law is set to be instated in Germany, ensuring that dog owners take their pets out for a walk at least twice a day.

Sometimes we get so busy we lose time to take our pet friends out and about for daily exercise, however, this new German law looks to prevent just that.

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German agriculture minister, Julia Klockner, is said to be introducing the new law based on evidence that the nation’s 9.4 million dogs are not getting enough exercise. Not only will dog owners have to take their four-pawed mates out twice a day, but they will be required to take them out for at least one hour on each occasion. Klockner said, “Pets are not cuddly toys, their needs have to be taken into account.”

As well as twice a day dog walking, the new law would include rules that would prevent dogs being chained for long periods at a time, or being left alone for a whole day.

Some concerns have been raised over the new law with Germany currently in a heatwave, and some dogs simply unable to walk for long periods due to illness.

Fellow Christian Democratic Union MP tweeted her displeasure over the new rule, saying, “VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE: I will not be taking my Rhodesian Ridgeback for two round of walks in 32-degree heat, rather we will jump in the river for a refreshing cool down instead.”

However, the agriculture ministry has said the new rules would have an emphasis on ensuring dogs kept in kennels were taken for walks, rather than keeping tabs on private dog owners.

The new rule could be passed early next year.