Warwick Smith unveils a heart-igniting indie pop single, ‘Paper Hearts’

Sydney artist, Warwick Smith returns with a passionate and invigorating new indie pop track, Paper Hearts.

Hot on the heels of his infectious hit, Mirrorman, Warwick Smith has returned with his third single release of the year, Paper Hearts.

Laden with energising guitars, synths and drums, which are coupled with soul-soothing vocals and earnest lyrics, Paper Hearts is about losing someone you love before you’ve had the chance to tell them how you feel. It’s a touching reminder of relational fragility, and how sometimes, it’s best to take the plunge and profess your feeling while you can.

Credit: Warwick Smith

“This song is very special to me. Probably the most important song I’ve made so far and so deeply personal,” Warwick Smith revealed to his fans via Instagram. “At its core, it’s a story about not wanting to let go of someone without telling them how you feel.”

He continued, “this song sounds the way I feel about summer. The sticky heat, the humid breeze, an unidentifiable pressure. Overall, this is a dressed-up song about loss and denial, but I try to keep it a bit more optimistic, otherwise it’d be a total bummer.”

Warwick Smith is one boy trying to be every member of a band. Effortlessly fusing elements of soft-rock, pop, disco and hip hop, the fast-rising multi-genre artist continues to impress his ever-growing fanbase, one song after another.

Since emerging in 2019 with a sensational rendition of Paramore’s I’m Not Angry Anymore, which has now surpassed 3,000,000 streams across streaming platforms, the Newcastle-born, Sydney-based musician has continued rising from strength to strength.


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Earlier this year, Warwick Smith shared the stage with UK indie-rockers, Glass Animals. During their encore of Tokyo Drifting, he performed the rap bridge which is normally reserved for Denzel Curry. Now, with the latest addition to his stellar repertoire, Paper Hearts clearly showcasing his ever-growing musicianship, we can’t wait to hear what the rising talent comes out with next!

Stream the new single, Paper Hearts via Spotify below.