Watch a restored 1969 live recording of the Jimi Hendrix Experience

In 1969 the Jimi Hendrix Experience performed an exclusive one hour set of ‘eclectic church music’.

The footage was thought to be lost forever until it was found deep in the archives of the station.

A Swedish television company discovered a lost recording of Jimi Hendrix performing in Stockholm for a pop music show.

Jimi Hendrix

When the performance broadcasted on January 21, only 10 minutes of the original footage was shown as a result of the obscurity of the live set.

Jimi Hendrix supposedly dedicated the performance to the ‘American Deserter’s Society’ for all of those who were refusing to join the Vietnam war.

The restored footage of the Jimi Hendrix Experience live show in Konserthuset showed Hendrix saying he will only play the “oldies but the baddies.”

Fellow bandmate Redding mentioned the conflicts within the live performance to Rolling Stone last November.

The audience wanted us to play the old Hendrix standards, but Jimi wanted to do his new stuff.”

“The last straw came at the Denver Pop Festival when Jimi told a reporter that he was going to enlarge the band… without even windhampharmacy.com consulting myself or our drummer, Mitch Mitchell.”

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, this particular Hendrix performance became a truly unforgettable experience for “all the wrong reasons”. Aside from the conflict within the band and audience itself, Hendrix supposedly dropped acid before the show.

“Combined with the near-riot that took place outside of the venue by those who demanded that the promoters make the event free, it made for a bad vibe overall.”

Check out the restored video below: