The Last Tourist in Havana: watch Leonard Cohen’s Cuban exploits come to life

Fans of the late great Leonard Cohen may already be familiar with the icon’s Havana exploits in 1961. Now, the story comes to life thanks to animated series Drawn & Recorded in an episode titled Field Commander Cohen.

The series explores untold tales from musical history with hand-drawn animation and the raspy narration of T-Bone Burnett. Within the episode, premiering as part of the series’ fourth season, Cohen’s adventures in the early days of the Revolution come alive.

“I was in Havana in 1961 during the Bay of Pigs invasion fighting on both sides,” said Cohen before a 1965 reading of his poem The Last Tourist in Havana.

leonard cohen
Photo: Gunpowder & Sky and Drew Christie.

Check out the preview for the latest episode of Drawn & Recorded, exploring the adventures of the legendary Leonard Cohen over the course of the Cuban Revolution.

During this time, the artist was arrested by Cuban soldiers in the onset of the Revolution, almost missing one of the final flights off the island while being detained at the airport.

Interestingly, Cohen grew a beard for his trip to Havana, walking the streets in Army khakis and a beret. In his song Field Commander Cohen, the singer-songwriter/poet/novelist describes himself as “our most important spy … parachuting into diplomatic cocktail parties.”

You can watch a preview of the episode below.

Via Billboard.