Watch all of Alfred Hitchcock’s 37 cameos in his own films

Alfred Hitchcock, a name that’ll send shivers down the spine of film lovers, horror lovers, and art aesthetes. It shouldn’t be a stretch to say the man was a creative genius, whose mise en scene is so unique it doesn’t take a film connoisseur to spot a Hitchcock film.

If you didn’t think he could get any more punk rock with a town tormented by killer gulls (The Birds) or famed pop-culture showering-woman-murderer Norman Bates (Psycho), you can now see a compilation of Alfy making cameos in some of his greats.

Alfred Hitchcock rocked multiple decades with his powerful cinematic style, creating cult classics that have shaped modern cinema and filmmaking.

Hitchcock was famous for his dynamic relationship with light, shadow and art direction gave us all we needed by popping up on trains or wiping frame in the movies we have studied, appreciated and adore so dearly.

AMC Filmsite writer Tim Dirk explains the themes behind the directors appearances “(1) Hitchcock often carried a musical instrument, and (2) Hitchcock often used public transportation (buses, trains, etc.), and was seen as a casual passer-by in the crowd in the public place (train stations, at an airport, etc).”

Hitchcock appearing in his movies was a treat for his fans. In the early 1900s, seeing a celebrity was a much more difficult task, making a cameo was arguably a means to get people to watch his films, giving his diehard fans the opportunity to see him in a much more performative light.

Stills from his appearances in the 37 iconic films can be found here!