Watch an awe-inspiring time-lapse of the world from space, assembled from NASA footage

An artist from Philadelphia has made a time-lapse sequence out of new footage from the International Space Station (ISS). The artist, Bruce W. Berry Jr., has made the load of raw film publicly digestible, meticulously arranging it into the video you see below.

Berry collated a bunch of public content from NASA to make his six-minute short film, titled The World Below. Under the video he wrote, “All footage has been edited, colour graded, denoised, deflickered, stabilised by myself.”

A Philadelphia artist has chopped up a whole lot of public footage from the International Space Station and turned it into a time-lapse film for your contemplative pleasure.

The 4K video and time-lapse sequences were taken from astronauts onboard the ISS (NASA/ESA). Berry also shared some fun facts about the ISS including that the it completes 15.54 orbits per day around the earth and travels at a speed of 27,600 km/hr and that the yellow line above the earth is Airglow/Nightglow from chemical reactions above the earth’s atmosphere.

You can find more specifics about locations in his notes. Berry also created a version of the video in 2013.

So sit back, relax, and fall into a meditative state as you watch the world move around in shapes and colours below you.

Via Colossal.