Dance like it’s 1959 to Chuck Berry’s first ever film clip, a feel good jam named Big Boys

In October of last year, rock ‘n’ roll pioneer (some would say the father of rock) Chuck Berry shocked the world by announcing his first album in 38 years at the age of 90.

Then in March, hardly shy of the release of that album simply titled Chuck, the rock legend passed away, leaving the world in further shock and the community in mourning.

Now, from beyond the grave Berry has brought us something special to remember him by; his ‘debut’ film clip for a jam called Big Boys.

chuck berry big boys film clips

Chuck Berry rocks on: relive the glory days with Big Boys, the new clip from one of rock music’s most influential pioneers.

Speaking on the production of the video, directors Matt Bizer and Curtis Wayne told NPR:

“Chuck Berry tunes are a good time and they tell stories that everyone can relate with, so we wanted to stay true to that. When we where shooting the video, Chuck Berry was still with us and during post-production we found out he had passed on.”

We did not know how to really process it all. In a way, I think we are still processing the entire experience.”

The clip combines old-school fad dances with fifties rocker vibes, throwing in a few more modern hip-hop moves to keep the video fresh. A Berry-like performer leads the audience from his place on the stage.

Watch the video above. Chuck is out on June 9th.

Via Rolling Stone.