Watch bizarre footage of KISS playing “to great white sharks” from a tiny boat

Fans were recently left in despair when KISS were forced to cancel their Australian tour due to illness of the band’s lead singer Paul Stanley.

But the iconic group decided to play one Aussie show. It happened to take place on a boat in the ocean, south of Port Lincoln in South Australia.

KISS bass guitarist Gene Simmons, lead guitarist Tommy Thayer, and drummer Eric Singer took to the seas as part of an Airbnb activation designed to promote… sharks or something.

What’s especially bizarre about the concert was that it was billed as “KISS playing to great white sharks” — although, shocker, no sharks actually turned up.

The host of the concert, Adventure Bay Charters owner Matt Waller, said the concert was meant to demonstrate that the charter company attracted sharks using sound waves rather than blood or berley.

He said the company used music to “appeal to the electroreception sense through acoustics in the water”.

“We don’t use blood and bait to attract sharks. We don’t feed them. We’ve got onto this road of acoustic attraction and being more passive. What we’re doing here is playing a concert for the sharks as opposed to the sharks being entertainment for us, we’re going to try and entertain them.”

To keep adding to the oddness of this whole situation, there were only eight people who had purchased tickets on board to see the show. There were also about seven or eight local boats that went out to listen in, creating a total audience of about 50 humans (and zero sharks.)

“The guys were tight, they were right into it, it was loud, there were lights, there were smoke machines — it was everything that a KISS concert should be,” Mr Waller said.

After signing quite a few autographs apparently Gene Simmons said, “Guys this is probably the most interesting gig I’ve ever done, I’d want my own autograph after this.”

Watch the footage, however perplexing, of KISS “playing to great white sharks” below: