Someone peed in the influencer-filled moshpit of Sam Smith’s SA concert

A concert-goer at Sam Smith’s recent show in South Australia has claimed that one of the influencer attendees was seen “squatting [and] peeing in the mosh.”   

The fallout over Sam Smith’s intimate show in South Australia earlier this month continues, with one attendee alleging that the crowd was used as a personal bathroom. Kate Woolford — who attended Smith’s exclusive, influencer-filled concert at Adelaide’s d’Arenberg on January 11 — took to TikTok on Wednesday to recount her “disgusting” experience of the event. 

Woolford was one of 300 guests to attend the concert, with the crowd largely comprised of Australian celebrities, media personalities and social media influencers. According to Woolford, the atmosphere of the event was soiled (pardon the pun) when she spotted a concert-goer belonging to a group of influencers supposedly behaving “rudely” throughout the evening. 

Sam Smith performing on stage
Credit: Domenic Scopelliti/Visual Domain

Woolford claimed that the woman in question, who she refused to name for fear of “being sued”, proceeded to urinate in the moshpit, some three paces away from where Smith was performing. “A girl pushed past me and said ‘sorry some girl is literally peeing,’” Wollford said. “I turned my head and saw this girl squatting, peeing in the mosh.” 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam saw it,” she added. “It was disgusting”. The incident was confirmed by users in Woolford’s comments, one of whom wrote that the “baffling” pee-break “happened right next to my friend and I during the performance”. Others were eager for Woolford to “name names.” 

@ohshititskateagain This did happen in the mosh. Comment for more details 😍 #adl #samsmithconcert ♬ original sound – katé

While the identity of the mid-set urinator is unknown, Woolford spoke generally about the behaviour of the show’s influencer attendees, alleging that some were “very drunk” and shouting about their follower counts during some of Smith’s emotional songs. Among the guestlist was former The Project host Carrie Bickmore, a number of Bachelor contestants, and soccer player Josh Cavallo. 

Last week, the Sam Smith concert reached political dimensions, when SA Tourism Minister Zoe Bettison defended the state’s use of taxpayer money to fund the show. The singer’s SA appearance, which was paid for mostly by the state and concert promotor Frontier Touring, was said to have reached 714 million people, and was billed by Bettison as a “new way of [tourism] marketing.


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Bettison remained tight-lipped as to exactly how much taxpayer money was spent on the show, which saw the government foot the bill for guests’ flights, accommodation and drinks, the last of which they allegedly consumed a lot of. Opposition leader Michelle Lensink estimated that the concert cost $1.5 million, a figure which Bettison later refuted. Smith was paid by the government for both the concert itself, and for posting social media content about the visit.   


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