Artist Justan Conn shares his five favourite venues in Newcastle

Justan Conn has shared with Happy his top five recommended places in Newcastle for music and creative lovers.

Justan Conn is a Newcastle-based singer-songwriter and multi-medium artist who engages in creating music that explores and expresses themes of mental health and overcoming addiction. He takes his experiences from the past and uses them as opportunities for growth and peace with his EP, Everyday Living. Justan Conn shared with Happy his top five favourite venues in Newcastle that are perfect for a creative night out.

Justan’s top five favourite venues.

The rum diary

The rum diary is a dark dive bar in the heart of Newcastle that serves cigars and cocktails. Open mics and live music performances are on often, to invite musicians and artists into creative spaces.

The Rum Diary
Credit: The Rum Diary exercises

The seven seas

The Seven Seas is a bar on the edge of Carrington and is a spot that a lot of great local artists hang out in. 

The Seven Seas
Credit: The Seven Seas Website

The press book house

The press book house is a coffee shop / vinyl and books store. Have a browse through the collection of pre-loved books, and new and used vinyl’s and if you’re a big coffee lover, vinyl collector and music and arts connoisseur it’s the place to be. 

The press
Credit: The Press Coffee and Book House Website

The lass

The lass is a free-spirited and creative space that has an incredible atmosphere.

The Lass
Credit: The Lass

 The underground Newcastle

The underground is a dark dive bar located right on Newcastle beach underneath the grand hotel it features a lot of jazz artists and is very aesthetic.

Credit: The Grand Newcastle Website

The Rouge Sholar

The Rouge Scholar is a bar located in midtown Newcastle it has the best brewed beers in Newcastle and is very welcoming. 

The Rogue Roofttop
Credit: The Rogue Rooftop

If you’re around Newcastle or looking for some new venues to hit up, go check out these buzzy vibrant bars and spaces.

Check out Justan’s latest EP below while you’re at it and venture into his sounds of recovery and growth.