Watch Carla Geneve perform Things Change Live at Enmore
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Watch Carla Geneve perform Things Change Live at Enmore

The Live at Enmore crew recently welcomed Carla Geneve to the studio. Hailing from Perth, Geneve is one of the leading talents among Australia’s emerging singer songwriters. For the session, she performed her recent single, Things Change.

Ably supported by a sparse and solid backing of bass and drums, Carla Geneve and her band delivered the performance with effortless charm. Carla Geneve

Carla Geneve was the latest to visit the Live at Enmore studio. She left the crew floored with her powerful yet sparse performance of Things Change.

Geneve’s indie rock with inflections of country has brought her to audiences across the country and the globe, with her innate ability to capture a lifetime of heartbreak in a single song.

Before the band hit the studio, Geneve mentioned:

The song isn’t about anyone in particular, it’s about losing touch with someone, but not being a bad thing or a good thing.”

Watch the performance below:

Things Change appears on Carla Geneve’s self-titled EP via Dot Dash/Remote Control.