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Watch Charlie Gradon perform ‘Love’s for Liars’ Live at Enmore

Charlie Gradon was the most recent guest of the Live at Enmore studios. He arrived armed with nothing but his humble nylon-string acoustic guitar, an angelic voice and a beautiful song: Love’s for Liars.

We’re used to seeing Gradon in full-band form, just as he was at Happy’s Needle in the Hay finalist’s party; it’s rare that an artist can present such a bare version of a song and still totally captivate an audience. In this performance, Charlie Gradon does it effortlessly.Charlie Gradon Love's for Liars

Singer-songwriter Charlie Gradon recently came to the Live at Enmore studios. Watch his haunting yet powerful rendition of his track Love’s for Liars.

Before launching into the performance, Gradon explained the message behind the song:

The song is about coming to the realisation that you are in a forever love situation and battling the anxieties and arguments that come along with that.”

While there may be some darker lyrical undertones, Gradon’s rendition wasn’t weighed down with any sadness. Check out the performance below:

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