Watch Destino, the lost short film by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali

In 1946, over 58 years ago, Walt Disney and Salvador Dali began collaborating on animated film, Destino, together.

The project came to an abrupt end after only eight months of working on the film, as the Walt Disney Company ran into financial troubles and couldn’t sustain the development of the animation any longer.

In 1999 while working on Fantasia, Walt Disney’s nephew Roy. E. Disney came across 17 seconds of the original animation, which after four years of development, became Destino as we know it now.

Using only the 17-second clip of the lost animation and the original storyboards created by Dali and Disney studio artist John Hench himself, 25 new animators brought the film to life.

The short film premiered at the New York Film Festival in 2003, and received an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short Film, among other critical acclaim.

The original clip runs for just over six minutes and features music performed by Dora Luz and written by renowned Mexican songwriter Armando Dominguez.

Watch the original clip below.

In other brilliant collaborative news, the complete visual experience that is Destino, has recently been paired with Pink Floyd’s Time, which features as the fourth track on Dark Side of the Moon.

As the narrative of Destino is more figurative than literal, Time seems to encapsulate the metaphorical essence of time itself, as well as match its own length and narrative perfectly with the short film.

The track itself sustains and releases the tension within the original film, which details the tale of a beautiful woman who entrances Chronos, the ancient mythical personification of time.

Watch the full clip below.

Via Open Culture.