“Walking is not dangerous”: EWAH & The Vision Of Paradise share impactful new video Streets

While their debut album Everything Fades to Blue dropped early last year, the topics EWAH & The Vision Of Paradise tackle throughout it are still achingly relevant.

It’s “a eulogy to victims of violent crime against women,” she says of the record. All this weighty subject matter came wrapped in brooding blend of post-punk and new-wave that feels simultaneously dark, hard-hitting and shimmeringly bright.

On their hypnotic new video for Streets, Tasmanian outfit EWAH & The Vision Of Paradise provide “a vision of taking care of one another and feeling safe out at night.” 

Now, the band have shared a new video for their track Streets – “a song dedicated to the vision of taking care of one another and feeling safe out at night.”

The video is a hallucinatory show-reel of silhouettes and shadows, with EWAH’s mesmerising presence being drenched in archival footage of night-time streetscapes.

Walking is not dangerous,” she says.

With woozy instrumentation and EWAH’s ghostly vocals, Streets is both captivating and incredibly unnerving.

EWAH & The Vision Of Paradise will be performing at this year’s BIGSOUND on Tuesday, September 4th and Wednesday September 5th. More info on those shows here.

So if you’re heading along to BIGSOUND next week, do yourself a favour and catch the band live.

For now, watch the new video for Streets above.