WATCH: Indigo Sparke – ‘Colourblind’

Chapter three of Indigo Sparke’s upcoming record, echo, sees the whistling, whimsical release of Colourblind. The vintage-tinged world depicted in the video was inspired by the film Paris, Texas, and is fittingly a beautiful, disassociated fantasyland.

Photo: Monica Buscarino

Directed by Monica Buscarino, the classic Super8 flicker taunts the lethargy of the anti-fairytale-folk song. Indigo Sparke‘s vocals sail away in every direction – unsettling and soothing all as once. Speaking of the road movie influences for Colourblind, Sparke’s said:

“What does it mean to roam alone in the wilderness. There is bravery in loving and there is bravery in being alone. In every form there can be a merging with something greater. It’s all immense when there is true surrender. That’s the hard part. Staying open, staying vulnerable. Through all the pain. To keep loving. Keep trusting.”

The new album from Indigo Sparke, echo, is out February 19th. Pre-order your copy here.