Watch Kim Gordon get ‘interrogated’ over art, collaborations and her personal life in a rare interview

Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth fame has never been one for interviews, shying away from them rather than embracing the opportunities to discuss her life and art. Never one to follow convention or hold the same priorities as the masses, it’s no wonder that she’s grown tired over the years of being asked about her role as the ‘girl in the band’.

It’s fitting then that Gordon’s latest interview took the form of an interrogation, a blindfolded questioning against her will. How else do interview an artist that hates being interviewed?

Huck Magazine conducted the interview and filmed the exchange. The video above is the result, and provides some very rare indeed insight into Gordon’s life, art and attitude.

kim gordon interrogation

How do you interview Kim Gordon, an artist that despises interviews? Huck Magazine’s interrogation of the Sonic Youth founder is the answer.

In the interrogation Gordon talks extensively about her personal life, her move to L.A. and even recounting an experience seeing John Cage at age 10.

“It puzzled me, it kept me up at night. I got a fever. I couldn’t stop thinking about it though, those sort of isolated piano tones that hung in the air.

The format is fresh and undeniably interesting. Gordon is questioned authoritatively, given prompts along the lines of “Just answer the questions, ma’am” and “Do you want to have a serious conversation?”

If you’re a fan of Gordon or her work, consider this an unprecedented opportunity to learn more about the elusive artist.