The provocative, pensive and often pornographic pop art of Melbourne’s Ben Frost

Ben Frost is an Melbourne-based artist known for his thought-provoking, kaleidoscopic pop art mashups that undermine the mainstream through subversive visual and thematic techniques.

His art collates a myriad of influences – ranging from raunchy Japanese manga and 60s pop art, to advertising and politics – in a way that is both familar and confronting – and a usually little NSFW.

ben frost

Visually compelling, morally provocative and sexually stimulating, Ben Frost is making classic pop art with a neoteric edge.

Frost’s art-making is provocative in every sense of the word: visually, morally, sexually. His use of bold colours and heavy delineation recalls the ghosts of golden era pop artists like Lichtenstein and Warhol, but with a neoteric edge.

Some of his more flagrant works include two women engaged in 69 (employing the use of bananas) painted onto a French Raisin Bran box emblazoned with the words deux pelletees, translation: two scoops; or a woman being spanked by a sternly-dressed librarian, painted on a McDonalds chip box, or a man pulling a mask of his face over his real face, painted onto a Botox prescription box.

It’s statement art, with hidden meanings and overt messages bombarding your senses. And it’s hugely entertaining. Have a look at a selection of his pieces below, keeping in mind that many of these images are NSFW.

Check out more at Frost’s website.

hot tamales
ben frost
ben frost
ben frost
ben frost
ben frost