George Lucas is bringing a $1 billion art museum to LA and it looks like a goddamn spaceship

After what has apparently been a lengthy and frustrating process to find the perfect site for an art museum in the States, George Lucas has signed a deal with Los Angeles to install a stadium sized museum in the middle of the city.

While the world is in a Lucas-less Star Wars craze, it only seems fitting that the acclaimed director felt the need to scream “Look at me!” to the entire planet while waving around the $1 billion dollars the museum is going to cost to install over the next three years.

george lucas museum

Set to open in 2020, the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will trace the journey of visuals in film from concept art to the silver screen.

In all seriousness, the concept design for the museum is breathtaking. Designed by Chinese architect Ma Yansong, the building looks far more like a spaceship than any museum and is sure to become a major landmark upon the LA landscape.

The purpose and aim of the museum is described on their website:

“This is the first museum of its kind, with an unprecedented collection that features fine art and popular art from illustration to comics, an insider’s perspective on the cinematic creative process and the boundless potential of the digital medium. We are a museum unlike any other.”


Via CNet.