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Watch Last Dinosaurs perform Eleven live at Enmore Audio

Brisbane indie-rock top guns Last Dinosaurs recently landed in the Live at Enmore studio, giving us an epic live performance of their addictive new track Eleven.

Crunching guitars, gritty harmonies and a seriously catchy chorus make this track extremely re-listenable. You’re going to want to put this one on replay, I’m absolutely sure of it.

Last Dinosaurs

Brisbane indie-rock aficionados Last Dinosaurs recently popped by the live at Enmore Studio, to dish out an epic performance of their addictive track Eleven.

Before the performance began, Last Dinosaurs sat down with us to tell us a little bit about the songwriting process. If the title of this song is giving you Stranger Things vibes, you’re most definitely not wrong.

“This song came together because I’d just finished watching Stranger Things and after it finished and I just got overwhelmed with, like, borderline depression ‘cause it was over. So I watched it again straight away and then after that and then all those feelings from watching the show I just smashed them out into a song really quick… Eleven.”

Check out their incredible performance of Eleven below.