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Watch Mac the Knife perform Australia Live at Enmore

Local quintet, Mac the Knife recently brought their rock swagger to the Live at Enmore studio. They left us with a track that was as expansive as this wide brown land – Australia.

The five-piece played it loud and bombastic, which is in contrast to the themes of desolation and longing that are spelled out in the lyrics.Mac the Knife Live at Enmore

Not long ago, Mac the Knife brought their energetic, heavy garage rock to the Live at Enmore studio, delivering an epic performance of their track, Australia.

The dual-guitar frenzy and chugging rhythms of the band set the scene for Bryn Chapman Parish’s dramatic vocal delivery.

The song was inspired by Chapman Parish’s relocation to Perth and the challenges of fitting into a new city. And despite being a “long distance relationship band“, the boys are still keen to make it work.

Watch their performance below:

Mac the Knife are also playing at Happy’s Needle in the Hay finalist’s party on September 27. Definitely a show to check out.