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Feel the bass with Teenage Engineering’s new Rumble module

Swedish design and audio lords, Teenage Engineering have given us a new upgrade to the beloved OP-Z synth, the Rumble module.

Rumble is the second in the line of Teenage Engineerings OP-Z modules which follows the magic linking tool the ZM-1 oplab.

Rumble is Teenage Engineering’s latest haptic enhancement to their darling OP-Z sequencer. The Rumble looks to further the way in which we experience sound.

Rumble is a built-in haptic subwoofer, allowing you to feel the music of your OP-Z. The module uses high-definition vibrotactile feedback and psychoacoustic technology to make it feel like you’re holding and listening to a deep subwoofer. The frequency response of 10 – 150Hz is designed to maximize impact while minimizing additional energy consumption.

The device slots into the back of the OP-Z exactly like the oplab and its output is controlled by the + and – buttons. It also features a silent metronome mode, a great alternative to the rather stale ‘beep’ of the onboard metronome. You can also deactivate the module when needed by setting the device to its lowest output.

Haptic technology is becoming a popular way of incorporating new feedback into our gadgets. The way in which we can experience sounds, especially bass tones, is a major focus of music tech companies – perhaps there’ll be a day when we won’t just be able to sense bass frequencies, but feel their quality and nuance through touch.

For more information of the Rumble and oplab Modules visit Teenage Engineering’s website.