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Watch Marcus Whale perform ‘A Ghost’ Live at Enmore

Marcus Whale was the most recent guest at the Live at Enmore studios. He performed A Ghost, a haunting and spacious track which comes off his new album.

Stripping his sound back to its barest elements, Marcus Whale delivered a sensuous performance of A Ghost, a single which appears on his freshly released record, Lucifer.

The album version of the track features a strikingly synthetic production. But in this solo session, it was simply Marcus Whale’s soaring voice with a sparse backing of piano chords. The combined effect was spine-tingling.

Marcus Whale Live at Enmore

Before performing, he expanded on the meaning of the song: “It’s about waking up really early before the sun rises and feeling a spooky presence in the room but trying to welcome it into your world.”

With the way that piano chords hang in the space, this ghostly presence is easily evoked. Check out the stunning performance below:

A Ghost appears on Marcus Whale’s new album, Lucifer. For all the details, visit Marcus Whale’s website.