Watch Party Dozen perform their new track Balance live at Enmore Audio

Not long ago Party Dozen dropped into Enmore Audio to perform Balance, a lively track that was written just the night before.

The Sydney duo brought their signature maximalist, densely packed sound to the studio and things got very loud.

Sydney duo Party Dozen were the latest to perform at Enmore Audio, bringing the noise with their turbulent new track Balance. 

Party Dozen brought explosive energy to the studio with their partly planned, mostly improvised new track Balance, a noisy jam of processed saxophone and thunderous percussion. The duo recorded a loop the night before the performance and improvised on top of it to “see what happens.” 

The result is a genre-blending, hard-hitting explosion of spiralling anarchy.

Kirsty also shared a few words about her experience at Farmer & The Owl Festival in March, where she played the entire set with a bloody forehead and shirt.

“I was onstage setting up and a mic fell on my head and I split my head open. And there was a lot of blood and paramedics came and fixed me right up and we played anyway.” 

Do yourself a favour and check out their epic performance below.

Party Dozen recently wrapped up a tour around their latest, self-titled single. Check out the new track here.