Watch Salarymen perform 'Runaway' Live at Enmore
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Watch Salarymen perform ‘Runaway’ Live at Enmore

Salarymen was the latest band to grace the Live at Enmore studios. Check out their pitch-perfect slice of classic pop, Runaway.

Salarymen recently hit the Live at Enmore studios. On the back of recent singles Please and That Man, the performed their freshly-released slice of summery pop, Runaway.

Comprised of Renee de la Motte and Thom Eagleton, Salarymen’s usual sound is rich with synth textures and thumping bass lines. And while some layers were stripped back for their Live at Enmore performance, the track didn’t lose any of its charm.

Salarymen Runaway

Armed with an acoustic guitar and simple percussion, the grooves that are integral to the Salarymen sound were still present in this stripped-back form.

Before launching into the recording, Renee de la Motte said this of the track:

Runaway is about wanting to escape. It was written during iso, when we had a European trip that got sadly cancelled, so this was our response.

Check out the track below:

Runaway is out now. To find out more about Salarymen and buy their music, head over to their Bandcamp page.