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Watch Soccer Mommy step into Enmore Audio with her iconic track Your Dog

When Soccer Mommy were in town for Falls Festival at the start of 2019, we knew it was an opportunity we couldn’t miss.

During their stop in Sydney we opened the Enmore Audio doors to Sophie Allison and her band, who laid down an incredible live version of their song Your Dog.

soccer mommy your dog live at enmore audio

Watch as Soccer Mommy step into Enmore Audio with Your Dog, a sublime 2018 track that hooked new fans from all corners of the globe.

“That song is basically about being in a relationship and you’re not valuing yourself really,” Allison shared when introducing the song.

“A lot of people take it to mean, you know, an abusive relationship but that’s not really where it came from, it came more from a place of self-deprecation, and not valuing your own self.” 

Watch Soccer Mommy’s performance of Your Dog below.

During the interview Allison also mentioned her next record, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Clean which dropped last year.

“2019 is going to be about more touring. I’m also working on a new record that these boys will all get to play on I’m sure, no specific plans yet but hopefully the recording will happen early in the year.”

“Maybe get it out at the end of the year, maybe the next year, who knows?” 


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March 26, 2019