Watch The Black Keys do yoga and take hallucinogenics in new clip Go

The Black Keys are back and sharing more new music, with a cinematic comedy video to match. Their single Go is the most recent taster from their forthcoming album Let’s Rock, which will mark their first LP in five years.

The Black Keys Go

The visual companion to Go is directed by Bryan Schlam, which sees The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney in a therapy session, struggling to reconnect after five years apart.

In an effort to put aside their differences and resentment towards one another, the band visits a retreat where they do yoga, have hallucinogenic experiences and get cleansed by sage smoke.

Let’s Rock is set for release on June 28 and will be The Black Key’s ninth studio album, following the success of their 2014 album Turn Blue and 2011 hit El Camino.

Check out the new video for Go below.