The Black Keys return with first single in five years

The Black Keys are finally back; coming out of a five-year hiatus with a new single to wrap your ears around.

Lo/Hi is the first song we’ve heard from the duo since their Grammy-nominated album Turn Blue in 2014, and it’s damn groovy.

Lo/Hi is the first new music we’ve had from The Black Keys in five years, and it delivers the garage rock we’ve come to love from the Ohio rockers.

Produced by frontman Dan Auerbach (guitar and vocals) and Patrick Carney (drums), the song sees loud heady vocals meet thick, rocky guitars. It builds continuously, ending in slightly heavier sound from the Ohio garage rockers, but stays true to their consistently quick melodic thrum.

For the past five years, The Black Keys have been everywhere except together. Dan Auerbach has had a hand in new music with his band The Arcs, as well as some solo projects. He also launched his own record label, Easy Eye Sound, wherein he’s worked with the likes of Shannon & The Clams, Sonny Smith, and others.

In the meantime, Patrick Carney penned the Bojack Horseman theme, and produced music for a bunch of artists including Tennis, Wild Belle, Tobias Jesso Jr. and Turbo Fruits. What’s more, Patrick and his fiancé/collaborator Michelle Branch became parents.

Finally, The Black Keys are back baby!

Listen to their new single below: