Watch the moment Steve Vai and Nile Rodgers first laid down the Halo 2 theme

Despite the hundreds of hours I threw into the game, it was only today that I learned the heavy metal version of the Halo theme (premiered in Halo 2) had Steve Vai and Nile Rodgers behind it.

Producer and composer Martin O’Donnell has just uploaded footage from the sessions when the theme laid down, letting fans witness the moment this version of the iconic track was laid down for the very first time.

halo theme metal version halo 2

Watch Steve Vai and Nile Rodgers in the studio together, laying down what would become a world-renowned metal version of the original Halo theme.

Halo 2 expanded upon its predecessor’s legacy in almost every way, and remains a classic in the video game cannon. The theme song has stayed in an equal stature, an instantly recognisable track for anyone who has ever played the games.

Seemingly after cashing in on the original title, Bungie would go big on an evolution of the theme song. I mean, how much bigger than Nile Rodgers and Steve Vai can you go?

Skip to 8:38 to see the moment it all comes together.

Via Motherboard.