Watch The Southern River Band slay their tune Cigarettes (Ain’t Helping Me None) at Enmore Audio

Once a week we’ve been getting our favourite artists into Enmore Audio to perform a song of their choosing live. The latest was from the The Southern River Band, and you best believe the “four fish with loose gills and sweet rigs” served up the classy but boozy tunes they’re hotly acclaimed for.

The Western Australian outfit have been giving us Zeppelin-inspired rock riffs since 2015, but it’s when they hit the stage (or in this case, Enmore Audio) that the bourbon soaked stars really shine. Their music is danceable and face-melting at the same time, their track Cigarettes (Ain’t Helping Me None) barring no exception.

Southern River Band cigarettes ain't helping me none live at enmore audio childe

Watch The Southern River band slay the game with a live performance of Cigarettes (Ain’t Helping Me None) at Enmore Audio.

Sprawled across the other three members of the band, frontman Cal Kramer gave us a swanky prelude to the live performance, showcasing the band’s more thoughtful, tender side.

“This song is about smoking durries and how they don’t help you fuck-all, but you look hell cool doing it.”

“…If you’re into hell-awesome shit, just check the Southern River Band out; which is what you’re doing right now, I guess.”

Kramar’s shared similar sentiments with us in the past, in one of our favourite interviews of all time.


Special thanks to Childe Eyewear for the shades.