Watch the very first TEDx talk on crate digging: ‘Reviving the World’s Forgotten Records’

The very first TEDx talk on the culture of crate digging has been held in Montreal.

Titled, Music Archeology: Reviving the World’s Forgotten Records, the lecture was given by Alexis Charpentier – the founder of music site Music Is my Sanctuary, a digital platform that focuses on oft-forgotten corners of the music world. He’s also a DJ (DJ Lexis) and the brains behind the 24 Hours of Vinyl series.

crate digging
Photo: DJ Broadcast

“In our digital age, record diggers are crucial alternative voices to a contemporary culture often served by computer algorithms” – Alexis Charpentier has given the world’s first TEDx talk on crate digging.

The sum of these experiences has led Charpentier down a path that has traversed crate digging culture, from being in the thick of the community as a DJ and producer, and as a cultural observer.

It’s a short talk, clocking in at just 15 mins, but it’s a super insightful investigation into the history of crate digging and its place in the preservation and revival of our musical heritage.

Watch below.

[via The Find Mag]