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Watch Tyne-James Organ perform ‘Say No More’ Live at Enmore

Melbourne singer-songwriter Tyne-James Organ was recently welcomed to the Live at Enmore studio. His set up was minimal, but he still filled the space with a special energy in performing his track, Say No More.

The song appears on Tyne-James Organ’s latest EP, Persevere and was inspired by a dream – perfectly in keeping with his rendition. Tyne-James Organ

Tyne-James Organ swung past the Live at Enmore studio on a recent trip to Sydney. He delivered a haunting, stripped-back version of Say No More.

The lush acoustic guitar was the perfect setting for Tyne-James Organ’s rich vocals, which were interspersed with angelic falsetto choruses.

Before he hit the studio floor, he mentioned:

I had a dream one night and was going into the studio the next morning and it was the first and only thing on my mind that day.”

Check out the performance below:

Say No More features on Tyne-James Organ’s debut EP, Persevere, out now via Dew Process.