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Watch Wafia perform her groovy new single I’m Good live at Enmore Audio

Australian-Syrian artist Wafia Al-Rikabi, who goes simply by the name Wafia, has made waves in the Aussie music scene over the last few years, captivating our hearts with her stunning, ethereal voice and emotive lyricism.

After some time spent touring overseas, Wafia returns with a new sound, exploring a more danceable terrain with her latest releasesRecently, she stopped by Enmore Audio for a stunning performance of her latest track I’m Good. This will get you dancing, I’m absolutely sure of it.

Wafia hit up the Enmore Audio studio recently with her latest single I’m Good, a groove-laden break up song for the ages.

Written with Stephen Wrabel, John Hill and Roget Chayahed while Wafia was in LA, I’m Good is a groove-laden break-up song that leaves a triumphant, uplifted aftertaste. It’s equal parts danceable and empowering, and sure to be the song on everyone’s lips for the rest of summer.

While at Enmore Audio, Wafia spoke to us about how the song came about, saying that “It started out with a bassline, and from there I knew I wanted to make something really anthemic. I wanted to write essentially a break-up song that I could use when I would need it… the break up song I would want to hear to tell me that I was fine.”

“I learnt a lot from travelling overseas, I think playing these shows made me really want to create things that would be fun on the stage as well. And I think ‘I’m Good’ is a product of that, just having fun with the music, and thinking a lot about how it would translate live.”

“I think the live shows have changed to just be a lot more fun and energetic, even like dancey at some points. I think that’s because I’ve been writing a lot more upbeat stuff, so yeah that’s been the biggest change.”

Check out Wafia’s performance of I’m Good above.