Wayne Neilson runs us through each track of Destination Earth

Late last month, when Wayne Neilson released his latest EP Destination Earth, we were immediately immersed in his sprawling, cinematic sounds. Entering each song felt like entering some far-away universe.

So fresh off the EP’s release, we asked Neilson to run us through the stories behind each incredible track. Take it away Wayne…

Fresh off the release of his incredible new EP Destination Earth, Wayne Neilson runs us through the stories behind each track.

Writing hybrid orchestral music has its barriers such as the lack of lyrics to tell a story. My project brief was to create a sonic story loosely based around a fantasy earth with the classic good versus evil plotline.

The earth has been taken over by dark forces (yes, you can see my Elder Scrolls and LOTR influences already) and through various explorations of sound, texture, dynamic contrasts, I have weaved a story that hopefully translates in sound.

Welcome To Dionach

The opening title Welcome To Dionach describes a peaceful fantasy village scene with its residents awaiting the return of a hero who has saved the village from imminent doom from the dark forces.


The main title Continuum tells the story sonically of the Earth constantly revolving and evolving. The message here is that the Earth is worth fighting for. It is music that delivers an inspiring message. I composed this piece as a sonic message of peace on earth, goodwill between people and care for the earth, a fragile place in which we all inhabit.

The sonic footprint in Continuum is uplifting, the main tunes are bold, heroic and truly epic on a grand scale. Like the earth, Continuum is also truly sublime, full of contrasts yet hinging on one simple, familiar three-note motif, treated in different ways representing the Earth’s diversity and beauty. Continuum is majestic, imposing, and glorious.


Free is a piece celebrating freedom, echoing equality, unity and world peace. It contains emotive elements, combining 4 part harmony choir, soaring string lines and bold, heroic brass chords and melodies.

March Of Heroes

March of Heroes was composed originally as a theme for a trailer project for and celebrates those heroes going into battle.

The Battle For Earth H47

The Battle for Earth H47 was originally written as a concept work for an action trailer. It is written in a typical action trailer format with three distinct acts building to an epic climax. It seemed fitting to have this track as the final piece in the EP, creating atmosphere and a sense of urgency and unease that comes with imminent doom.

Destination Earth is available now. Listen above.