Treat yourself to the gospel-tinged Americana of Oli McCracken’s new single Day By Day

Day By Day, the new single from Denver-based artist Oli McCracken is a soulful and stunning piece of blues blended in with elements of gospel and Americana.

The track kicks into existence with an earthy blend of drums and an irresistible guitar line. McCracken’s voice then enters the scene, simultaneously gritty and silky smooth, as he paints a vivid story that unfolds into a parable of taking things slowly, one day at a time.

On his incredibly soulful new single Day By Day, Oli McCracken reminds us to take life one day at a time. We guarantee this track will both warm your heart and get stuck in your head.

The track is peppered with all sorts of funny anecdotes that are guaranteed to make you chuckle under your breath. At one point he confesses to being terrified of the waitress at the diner he’s eating at, but at least the food “hits the spot.

A tasteful, understated guitar solo provides a bit of a respite before we are pulled back into McCracken’s sprawling narrative.

The song was inspired by “a very special creative trip with the team from Third & James Records in 2017.” The team visited the famous Muscle Shoal Studios in Alabama, and the song’s lyrics are a stream-of-consciousness recount of Oli’s days there, with experiences also taken from his time in Nashville and Memphis.

The bluesy, gospel-tinged sound of the song is sure to warm your heart. Do yourself a favour and listen to the track above.

Day by Day is out now and available on all streaming platforms.