We All Drive’s new single is a solid, slab of rock perfection

We All Drive establish themselves with a punchy, soaring, slice of rock heaven.

Effortlessly combining crisp, floating vocals with crunchy, chugging riffs the QLD natives pack the heat in their latest single Kingscliff. 

We All Drive

We All Drive have followed up their debut EP with a rock solid single, Kingscliff. With a punchy riff and the catchiest chorus going round your head will be banging off it’s shoulders.

Joel Sims and Thomas Hayes can make a lot of noise for two people. As the members of We All Drive, the duo have been travelling up and down the south-east coast of Queensland, making a name for themselves with their big sound reminiscent of rock greats like Royal Blood, DZ Deathrays, Reignwolf and Queens of The Stone Age.

In 2018 the two-piece released their debut Ep Jack The Ripper which saw them play a sold out show at Crowbar, Brisbane as well as at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Jamming out riff fuelled hooks with high octane energy the dynamic duo will be stuck in your head for days to come.

Kingscliff hits you hard and fast with a focused, deliberate riff like a distorted slap to the face. Before you know it you’ll be banging your head and then the chorus hits. This sticky hook will crawl under your skin like the most defiant of ear worms and curl up there for weeks. Yet, we suspect they still have a few aces up their sleeves.

We All Drive’s drawcard is without doubt their intentional, calculated songwriting. They never waster a note and they don’t over play. Everything has a purpose and achieves it to the full extent.

Check out the rock masterclass below:

 Everyone has a special song close to their hearts that reminds them of someone or somewhere that they love dearly. Don’t let the cover art fool you. This isn’t just another indie song that’ll make you feel like you’re with your friends. This song will make you go out and be with your friends as the song implies.

We All Drive are surely on the up and we recommend you check out the rest of their catalogue, it’s solid as stone.