We are live at PAX in Melbourne with a heap of new games!

We are in Melbourne soaking in the exhibitions, competitions, panels and trading at PAX.

There’s a whole lot of exciting things happening with a host of pre-launch games from Nintendo, tons of amazing indie developers and it’s absolutely packed!


Melbourne’s premiere gaming event, PAX ,is live as we speak and there’s a ton of exciting stuff going on with Nintendo, Bethesda and David Gaider generating some palpable buzz.


Nintendo have pulled out the big guns for this years PAX conference. Boasting pre-release versions of Luigi’s Mansion 3, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, players have been experiencing the best of Nintendo’s new games all day and it looks amazing. The new Pokemon games are a fully realised 3D RPG experience set in a steampunk industrial world inspired by the UK and will be out Nov 15.

A copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition was also available for play and continues to amaze and beguile in its brilliance.


First up for Bethesda was the chance to rip across the infernal planes of DOOM: Eternal. Attendees can access various DOOM themes areas such as the Hell on Earth Queue Hall, a hand-painted 28m long History of DOOM mural on Knox St, interactive DOOM photo opportunities, the DOOM Hell on Earth kick-off party, and a limited run of DOOM Pinny Arcade Pins. They also had versions of The Elder Scrolls: Online and Fallout 76 on display.

David Gaider

Renowned Canadian writer and game designer David Gaider is holding various open panels divulging on his time with Bioware and Beamdog. The legendary writer created the entire Dragon Age universe and crafted the villainous characters of Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic. 

In breaking news David announced plans for his forthcoming Melbourne-based game development studio, Summerfall Studios. Please see check the website for more details.

All in all there’s a lot going down at PAX this year with the world fastest going industry creating a lot of jobs and a hell of a lot of fun! Check out more photos below: