We asked Jaala and Banoffee to interview each other and things got a little weird

This October, Darebin Music Feast is taking over the City of Darebin in Melbourne’s North. Spread across 11 days, the festival boasts a groundbreaking lineup of live music events, panel discussions, film screenings, and more.

There is also a huge closing party to round out the festival. Featuring local faves Jaala, Banoffee, Loose Tooth, Parsnip, RVG and heaps more across three stages, the free show will take place on October 28th at Little Eastment Street Car Park, Northcote Social Club and Bar 303 in Northcote.

Ahead of the show, we got Jaala and Banoffee to ask each other a couple of friendly questions. Things got a little weird.

Banoffee Jaala

What would Jaala be called if she was a YouTube Star? Has Banoffee ever moon tanned at All Nations Park in Melbourne? All will be revealed below.

Jaala Interviewing Banoffee

JAALA: Have you ever moon tanned on the big rocks at All Nations Park?

BANOFFEE: No I haven’t, but I want to… I have done a lot of moon tanning in other parks though. One of my besties has started a bit of a tradition of taking me naked bush dancing in her convertible every birthday. A good moon tan is always on my to do list…

JAALA: Can you ask your sister Sailor Moon what to name a little black cat? I have one at my house but no one can decide on a name.

BANOFFEE: YO so sissy sailor says you should name your cat Sirius. She’s a really big HP fan, I know its dorky – obviously I’m not as nerdy as her…

JAALA: Do you ever DJ? I think you would be great at it.

BANOFFEE: I SUCK. But I do it. Because if I didn’t, who would play MMMbop and American Boy? NO ONE. THAT’S WHO.

Banoffee Interviewing Jaala

BANOFFEE: We both share a mutual admiration for local qt HTML flowers. Do you think us three should make a punk/rap/pop song soon?

JAALA: I am a big fan! I think we should make a song together, 160 bpm, about flippin’ cop cars and stealing 9V batteries from Coles.

BANOFFEE: If you were a Youtube star, what would be your moniker and what would be the content of the show?

JAALA: If I was a youtube star I would compare energy drinks. My name would be Juice Lord 69 and I would have no teeth.

BANOFFEE: What differentiates Darebinites from other areas of Melbs? How can you pick one from the crowd?

JAALA: Usually they have coffee stains on their vintage bibs, I would know, I am one of ’em, my bib is filthy.

Catch Jaala and Banoffee playing at the closing party for Darebin Music Feast, alongside Loose Tooth, Parsnip, RVG and more. Find out more here.