How you can help Sydney Fringe Festival 2022 be better than ever

You bet We’ll Fringe Again! Here’s how you can get involved in Sydney Fringe Festival 2022 and make it the best one ever.

There are plenty of reasons that the Sydney Fringe Festival looms large on the calendar. Chief among them, according to CEO Kerri Glassock, is that “It is a unique snapshot of what is going on in Sydney right now. It’s responsive, dynamic, and new.”

Unfortunately, COVID kept everyone from getting together this year, and organisers had to pull the pin on this incredible event. But We’ll Fringe Again is a great way that you can help get Sydney’s favourite arts and culture fest not only back up and running, but better than ever before.

We'll Fringe Again
Photo: Clare Hawley

We’ll Fringe Again is an initiative organised by the festival to collect donations. With your help, Sydney Fringe Festival can bounce back to its absolute best as it returns to the streets of our fair city for the first time since 2019!

All you need to do is head over to the We’ll Fringe Again website, enter a donation amount of your choice (or check one of the $2, $5, $10, $50, or $100 options) and pat yourself on the back, safe in the knowledge that you’ve contributed to the success of a vital Sydney institution.

We'll Fringe Again

The Sydney Fringe Festival happens all over the city, with major hubs in the CBD, Kings Cross, and Newtown – with performances that span music, theatre, visual and performance art, and more. It’s a uniquely Sydney affair: providing a platform to local artists to tell stories that are central to their identity, and that of the city which they inhabit.

So what would a successful Sydney Fringe Festival look like?

“I’d love to see the new focus on street and outdoor activations that are being embraced by the city – for Covid recovery – remain, so that when festivals like Fringe come round they can truly activate the whole city,” says Kerri Glassock.

We'll Fringe Again
Photo: Seiya Taguchi

And apart from donating, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

“If you have a burning desire to create a project or present a work,” says Glassock, “register in April and take part in the festival yourself, or you can volunteer to work at the festival, or of course just pop along and see a show.”

For more details and to donate now, visit the We’ll Fringe Again website.