Well Into Winter premiere the new music video for their single ‘For Whom’ 

Melbourne musos Well Into Winter have released their debut music video for their 2021 single For Whom.

Well Into Winter (WIW) is made up of two Albury born, Melbourne based musicians Alex Cameron and Jayden Dunne. The band released their debut EP Stumbling Songs late last year and while they boast a minimalist set-up, their musicianship is well beyond that of a novice.

For Whom is a charming and honestly, mildly devastating song that the band released on July 27 however due to unforeseen COVID-related scheduling issues, the video has only just been released. I can confirm, it was well worth the wait.

Well Into Winter

The song features WIW’s signature acoustic guitars weaving through one another in perfect harmony, just like the stunningly simple vocals articulating thought-provoking and poetic lyrics.

If you haven’t yet listened to the track, you may want to get a box of tissues handy. The lyrics are expertly bewitching. Rhyming triplets seem to depict some sort of loss and sad unwilling solitude ultimately leaving the listener with a deep sense of hopelessness. 

The video itself tells as much of a story as the sweetly sad single if not more.

The music video, directed by Mark Day of Another Life Productions, is shot ever-so beautifully with a grainy, film-like texture and follows the character of a small-town postman becoming increasingly bothered by a letter he cannot deliver.

WIW described the video as an “allegorical retelling of the song’s splintered psyche.”


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The video shows multiple characters, each of whom meets their own loss with every letter delivered by the postman, played by Alex. It then reaches a climax, as you hear the song break into an evocative instrumental, the postman is finally able to deliver the undeliverable letter.

For Whom doesn’t give much of a sense of resolution but it feels increibly purposeful.

Well Into Winter are clearly a thoughtful, emotional and undeniably artistic group and I personally am looking forward to hearing more from them.

For Whom is out now.

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