Stop by the road less travelled with Gostwyck, the hidden Aussie gems you don’t want to miss

Just south of Armidale in the humble postcode of 2358 lies the town of Gostwyck. An isolated and homely piece of classic Australian countryside, it’s a place you might easily miss unless someone pointed you in the right direction.

Our country is full of these hidden gems. So is our music scene, and I’m willing to bet that some of your favourite places, songs and possessions were discovered by accident or passed on to you by a great friend.

Gostwyck, the band, are denizens of the road less travelled, a shining personification of Australian folk rock at its most golden. Just like the town, the Sydney-based six piece are worthy of your undivided attention, and today we’re urging you not to pass them by.

Lazy, luxurious and lyrically seamless, Riverstone by Gostwyck is the magic of country Australia triple-distilled into a lush folk rock ballad.

Riverstone is the latest from the band, and there’s no better place to start your obsession.  Opening with a hazy guitar progression and a deliciously simple percussion line, the track develops into a sky-high, beachy jam that will have you brimming with imagery of farmland, secluded bush creeks and times gone by.

Lyrically it tackles lost love and the changes we face in our young lives. Although largely quite ambiguous, you get the sense that Gostwyck are lamenting a change of scenery in particular, Riverstone feeling far more like a goodbye than a hello.

That being said, Riverstone remains cautiously optimistic. A new life holds as many opportunities as those it leaves behind, a sentiment Gostwyck echoes with lines such as “You take a little time to learn/It was always right in front of you”, presenting their themes with potent maturity and openness.

Quite a large roster, Gostwyck uses their six members to downplayed perfection, using earthly, swelling sounds to fill the mix with Shining Bird-esque efficiency. A brass section waits an entire three and a half minutes before interjecting, building Riverstone into a dreamy bridge which sends off the track with a nostalgic brilliance.

Riverstone marks the opening of a larger release sequence from the Sydney men, so if you’ve taken the time to check out the sights they have on offer – there’s certainly more to look forward to. Head to their Facebook page to stay up to date.


Gostwyck are taking Riverstone around the country right now, hitting city and country venues alike. Catch the full run of dates below, and head here for any extra info.

Fri May 5 – Black Dot Music, Armidale
Fri May 5 – Hoskins Centre, Armidale
Sat May 6 – McCrossin’s Mill, Uralla
Fri May 19 – The Imperial Hotel, Sydney
Sat May 20 – Station Bar, Katoomba
Fri May 26 – The Post Office, Melbourne
Sat May 27 – Long Play, Melbourne
Fri June 2 – The Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle
Fri June 16 – Secret Garden show, TBA
Fri June 23 – Anita’s Theatre, Thirroul

Riverstone is out now.