Why So Few? Wet Leg challenges gender imbalance in music and asks why there are fewer female musicians!

Move over boys, Wet Leg is here to rock the stage and break barriers in the music industry with their killer tunes and unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity, particularly for women, queer, and non-binary individuals.

Indie rock duo Wet Leg, composed of Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, are still pinching themselves as they prepare to open for Harry Styles’ Love on Tour across Europe and the UK. With performances in stadiums packed with tens of thousands of fans, the duo can’t believe their “luck” as they warm up the stage for the chart-topping Watermelon Sugar singer.

Having released their debut album in 2022, which went straight to number one in the UK, Wet Leg has been making waves in the music industry. The duo has already toured with Florence Welch and recently won two Grammy Awards and two Brit Awards, solidifying their status as rising stars.

Wet Leg Live stram TikTok 2022
Credit: CAH

What sets Wet Leg apart is not just their catchy music, but also their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the music industry, particularly for women, queer, and non-binary individuals. During their performance at the Brit Awards, Wet Leg took the stage accompanied by a female Morris dancing act, showcasing their dedication to working with other women and gender non-conforming individuals in the industry.

Rhian Teasdale, one half of Wet Leg, expressed her desire for more representation of women in music, questioning why there are fewer female musicians and recounting her own experience as one of the few girls on her music course. In a chat with PORTER she stated, “I like working with other women and queer and non-binary people, and I wish there was more of that. Everyone on our team for the Brits was female or non-binary and that was great. But why are there less women doing music? Why on our [music] course were we among the only girls?”

Wet Leg’s success serves as an inspiration for aspiring female artists, as they challenge the gender imbalance and advocate for inclusivity in the music industry. They have gained a strong following for their unique sound and their commitment to promoting diversity and representation in music, making them trailblazers in the industry. As they continue to make waves on Harry Styles’ Love on Tour, Wet Leg is proving that women have a significant and invaluable presence in the music world, and their success is a testament to the power of female musicians breaking barriers and making their voices heard.

It’s worth noting that Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers’ friendship turned musical partnership has been described by the duo with a touch of humor as a “casual relationship” that has evolved into a formidable bond as they navigate the music industry together. Their unwavering support for each other and their shared vision for a more inclusive music industry is at the heart of Wet Leg’s success and their impactful contributions to the music world.