What exactly is ‘Networking’ for musicians, and why do you need it?

Networking is a word you’ll see thrown around a lot in the corporate world, but in reality it has an incredibly important role in music as well. Simply put, networking is getting your name out there, connecting with people in your community, and fostering those connections.

Today at 5pm Happy Mag is leading a workshop on Collaborating and Networking, aimed at emerging musicians in the Sydney community and beyond. Join in to find out the best ways to participate and support your local scene, how to find potential bandmates, learn the best ways to work with creatives such as photographers or designers, and more.

collaborating and networking
Photo: Dani Hansen

Need a primer on networking as a young musician? Join the first workshop in our Building Your Creative Community series from 5pm today.

Happy Mag’s Music Editor Tom Cameron and News Editor Claudia Schmidt will be running the Collaborating and Networking workshop. Outside of Happy Mag, both Tom and Claudia have played in a number of Sydney-based bands over the years, as well as regularly engaging in the local arts community during that time through gigs, workshops, local festivals, and more.

Joining the workshop will be Joshua White, Label Manager of Sydney indie label Third Eye Stimuli Records. He’ll be phoning in to share his knowledge on fostering a community around his label, what it means to work with musicians for a living, and the best way to engage creatives for collaborative work.

Collaborating and Networking is the first workshop in the Building Your Creative Community series, presented by Happy Mag and City of Sydney. All workshops will be streamed live via the Happy Mag Facebook page, meaning absolutely anybody is free to watch – any questions asked in the chat will also be answered during the stream.

Check out the full workshop schedule below:

Workshop Schedule

May 20 – Collaborating and Networking – RSVP
May 27 – Building Your Own Events – RSVP
June 3 – What Your Community Can Do For You – RSVP
June 10 – Your Wider Community – RSVP
June 12 – Pyjama Jam: Live at Your Place – Coming soon!